Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodbye, Sis

"Patty Andrews, Last Surviving Member of Andrews Sister Trio, Dies at 94.

And Natalie cried about it.

When I heard this morning that Patty Andrews had died it affected me like I wouldn't have expected it to. In the back of my mind I knew she was still alive, I remember learning that when I was really into the Sisters' music, but I hadn't thought about it in a while. Even if I had thought about it recently I never would have thought that her passing would make me so sad, but I'm am honestly near tears. Patty was a part of something worth remembering, she was one of the Andrews Sisters; she was a household name during WWII, she's part of our history. 

Patricia Marie Andrews was the youngest sister, the blonde sister, and the funny sister. She lead the trio, and if she doesn't make you smile I honestly do not understand how. I adore Patty and both of the other sisters, and I have for more than two years; as a matter of fact, they are the reason I like the 1940s at all and I'll be forever grateful to them for beginning that love of mine. But Patty has always been my personal favorite and I am so sad that she's gone now.
Rest in peace, Patty. I love you.


  1. I was saddened with the news, too. My favorite Andrews Sisters tune is their recording of Lullaby of Broadway.

  2. I'm really going to miss her. She was my favorite of the Andrews Sisters, too.
    It is a lovely tribute, Natalie.


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