Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Awesome People for the Day: Ray Milland

Hello Everyone!

     Yesterday was Ray Milland's would-have-been-106th birthday, and I missed it, which is a decidedly depressing fact considering the amount I love him. I decided I would make up for my inability to celebrate by making Ray the Awesome Person for today: 

January 3, 1905 - March 10, 1986

A Favorite Quote:
"My only desire politically is to shoot a few of the politicians." - Ray Milland

He was such a good actor, as undeniably proved by "Dial M for Murder", although I thought he was good before that.

And his face... *swoons*

Cordially, Ray Milland

Apparently Missy and Ray were good friends [*silent cheer*], and called each other "Reggie" (Ray's real name) and "Ruby" (Missy's real name). He said they did it so their fans wouldn't recognize them. Note: his bow-tie matches her dress.

 Until Later On~

P.S. I'm getting a awesome person post ready for Fred MacMurray, then I'm doing a photo-tribute-thing for Bob Taylor and the Miss. After those, if you suggested someone for an awesome person and haven't seen it yet (or if  you have other suggestions) please leave a comment and I'll try to get them up quickly.


  1. Great choice for Awesome People of the Day. Milland was a versatile actor. Very debonaire, yet very accessible and real. I'm glad to find out that he and Missy were friends.

  2. Request for Awesome Person of the Day: Gene Tierney

  3. Great Natalie, thanks for reminding another Milland fan of his birthday! :) I just realized that he shares the same birthday as one of my brothers do - will have to let him know about that!

    Dial M for murder is one I really need to see. He also did a remarkable job in 1946 for "The Lost Weekend" in which he received the Academy Award. I believe he gave the shortest acceptance speech to date :)


  4. Cheryl - Glad you liked it! :) You said, "Very debonaire, yet very accessible and real." You've explained him perfectly! Something I hadn't been able to do! I put Gene Tierney on the list. :)

    David - :) Lucky brother. Ah, I need to see "The Lost Weekend" - I've wanted to for a long time. I didn't know he got an Oscar for it.


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